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This week I am attending technology trainings to help you and me.  You might be asking, "How does having Drew get better with technology help me?"  That is a great question!

First, many people want a break down of their itineraries that are easy to read and share.  You may have received itineraries in a word document or PDF that I made on Word.  This got you the information but it was not overly pretty or easy to share with other people.  Now I have the ability to create very specific documents that are not only easy to read but can contain a huge amount of detail.  I can not provide information on the accommodations, times and photographs.  These will give you a much nicer view of what your trip could look like and is easy to share with your family and friends.  

Now you are asking why would I want to share my trip with family and friends.  That is a great question and is  part of the next reason to happy that my technology skills are growing.

You want to travel and you want your friends to be with you to share the experience.  Many of you "get" to be in charge of the trips that you go with other people on.  In the past, one person ended up trying to collect information from everyone.  That same person attempts to answer questions and solve problems for everyone.  I now have a better way for you.    

I now have the ability to create a special webpage just for you and the people you want to share the trip with.  This can contain the trip details and collects the necessary information that is needed to make the booking.  This lets you look like the hero to the group but lets me do the work for you!

When you decide what your next trip is, let me know.  I'll set the technology up for you to share with the people you want and take care of the details for everyone so you can sit back relax and enjoy the anticipation of the trip.

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