If not now, when?


December 2020
Volume 2 Issue 16


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If Not Now When?

I was recently watching a presentation by Jill Schiefelbein. She’s a video partner and a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as a live stream video personality and author of a new book, Dynamic Communication: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead, and Manage Your Business. In the presentation, she posed the question, “If not now, when”. It struck me as something that we all need to consider.
2020 has not turned out as anyone would have predicted. Friends and family members were lost. Video chats became routine, bringing people together from all over the country and world. Businesses were shuttered while others found a new niche and have thrived. We have all made plans and canceled plans. We talk about “someday”.

Covid Lock Down

Covid Lock Down

This year has shown us that we should not take things for granted. I never thought I would have to worry about my dad visiting the Dollar Store or Walmart multiple times a week for some “important” item. I never thought that I would be asked to remain at home for months at a time. I did not think that Disney Land and cruise ships would sit empty for more than a year. And I certainly would never have guessed that health officials would advise against giving a loved one a hug. This has truly been an unprecedented time (I hate that term, but can’t think of a better one ☹)
If not now, when? This is something we need to be thinking about. What needs to happen before we are ready to take action? If today is not the day to start living a healthier life, when is? If today is not the time to pivot your business, when is? If today is not the day to book a trip to your dream destination, when is? What needs to happen to make you feel comfortable making the next step, or even the first step? Some of the things that are holding you back are going to be internal and others you will have no control over but take some time to identify them. It might take baby steps, but each of the little steps is going to move you closer to your goals.
Maybe you are ready to shed a few pounds but going to the gym is intimidating. You are worried about working out in front of strangers or you might be concerned about the health implications of being in the gym during a time of rising covid cases. Today might not be the day to hire a personal trainer, but when will be? Start with walking outside alone or with a small group. Find some videos on-demand and start working out in the living room until you feel comfortable moving to a public setting. Determine the baby steps that will work for you. You might just find that by taking the little steps to get ready, that you have already met your initial goal.
Travel and expanding my business are two of my not now, but when items. There are places that I want to go but am not yet quite ready to fully commit to. I need to look at what is holding me back and what baby steps that I can take to move forward. I’m not ready to fully pay for a trip to Antarctica in 2023 or 2024, but I am ready to research how to get there and what type of experiences are available. I am ready to place a deposit and create a budget if the right offer becomes available. I am ready to start sharing info on the destination and convincing other people to join me. (Are you in? Let’s plan together!)

Freedon to travel - Antartica

What do you want to do? Today might not be the day to start but take the time to determine when is the right time for you. There is no perfect time and 2020 has shown that even things are going in one direction, they can turn in an instant.

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