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February 2021
Volume 3 Issue 3
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Back to the Beach

It is the first Wednesday of the month so that means it is also time for the next issue of the ChartRoom. Today I want to share a little about what is coming up this month and give an update on my process for navigating international travel.

This weekend I’ll be going Back to the Beach! This is my opportunity to share with you what it is like to travel outside the United States and to give you a closer look at Beaches Resorts. The weekend will consist of short Live Streams from around the property as well as lots of pictures and videos. The main event will take place on Tuesday, February 9th at 11:00 AM Eastern time. This will be a special Zoom presentation Live from Beaches Turks and Caicos! Be sure to tune in!

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Beaches Caribbean Village Beachside

Topic: ‘Back To The Beach’ with Charting Memories Travel & Drew Landgrebe

Time: Feb 9, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 821 9221 8718

Passcode: beaches

Everyone who attends the Live Zoom Event will be eligible for exclusive offers for Beaches and Sandals Resorts.

Beaches and Sandals are Luxury resorts. Beaches are family-oriented while Sandals are couples only. Whether you are looking for a destination wedding, honeymoon or a family trip there is a resort for everyone.

Couple Romance

Romance at Beaches



Valentines’ day is just around the corner. Just think about what will happen if you take your special someone out to a nice dinner and then share the romantic trip that you have planned for the two of you.


Preparing for International Travel

Last week we covered the importance of flexibility and how to purchase airfare. This time I’ll share what I have done in the last couple of weeks to get ready.

One of the most important things to do is to familiarize yourself with the rules, regulations, and restrictions in the destination. This trip is to Turks and Caicos which is open to visitors but there are safety precautions and restrictions in place to protect visitors as well as residents. Currently, a negative COVID-19 test is required to enter the company.  It is important to make sure that you understand what type of test to take and when it should be taken. Part of what I do as your Travel Agent is to help you guide you through this information.

Testing chart

Turks – Testing Chart

My test started with a check to see where my local testing centers are. Because of the available time slots and location to my home, I chose to have my test done at Walgreens. They had many available time slots and offer drive-through service. They do require a short health questionnaire and pre-registration, but the process is quick and easy. Once arriving at the store location, you just pull into the drive-through and tell them why you are there. The pharmacist assembles the testing material sends it through the dropbox directly to the car and walks you through the steps to collect the necessary sample. If you can open a band-aid package, count to 5, and twist a lid, then you can perform the test. The entire process took about 7 minutes from the time that I arrived at the window until I was on my way home. Test results should be in my email within 2 to 5 days.

This week has begun the start of gathering some of the little things that I like to travel with. I won’t say that I start packing early, but I do like to gather things together in advance.  A few of the things that I gather up are:

Travel size personal care products such as toothpaste, shaving supplies, and deodorant.
Small bills for tips – I like to carry $2 bills since they are unusual and people remember you
Comfortable shoes for the beach and pool
Charging cables for phones, cameras, etc.
I take probiotics and carry stomach meds because I will eat anything and end up drinking the water everyplace I go.
Sunscreen and bug spray. I look for the reef friendly options even if I am not near the reef.

Try not to overpack but remember some of the little things that we keep around the house may not be in the room.

In our next issue, I’ll share info on the rest as well as the requirements to get back in the United States.


Keep Charting Memories!




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