What is luxury travel? What is wave season?

2024 is well underway! Can you believe that January is already ending?
This is the time of year when we look forward to the future and back at the past.  Looking back this has been a wonderful year both personally and professionally.  Professionally, I had my best sales year ever.  I had the fortune to help plan trips to all 7 continents.  I added to my personal list of countries and visited two new continents.  Only Africa and Australia. (Guess who will be planning a safari in 2025 – if you want to join let me know and we can plan together.)
I have met many wonderful people, made new friends, rekindled old relationships, traveled, explored, pushed boundaries, and relaxed.  I was blessed with another year with Pleakley.  He has ignored the prognosis of the vet and continues to be by my side.
I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love and to have such amazing people and animals in my life.
Wishing everyone a prosperous and wonderful 2024.
wave season

Have you ever heard of wave season?  It is a phrase that is used in the travel industry that helps to express the beginning of the year.  This is traditionally when people find the best deals and make their travel plans for the next year or more.  Generally speaking, wave season covers about the first three months of the year with the specials starting strong and gradually becoming less generous as cruises, resorts, and activities fill up. Travel demand remains elevated so if you want the best possible selections and pricing, now is the time to plan.

I’m here to help with all types of travel, not just cruises!  We help with basic activities such as food tours in Athens, Hotels in Buenos Aries, cruises to Antarctica, and resorts in Mexico.  If I can’t help, I can probably find someone who can.

One of the fastest-growing segments of travel is luxury, but what does luxury mean? Everyone has their own idea of what luxury means so I’ll cover some of what it means to me.

Luxury travel refers to a high-end travel experience that goes beyond the basic necessities and focuses on providing indulgent and exclusive amenities, services, and accommodations.  Each individual experiences this differently.

Luxury is characterized by a combination of opulence, comfort, and personalized attention to meet the desires and preferences of the travelers. Luxury travel often includes:

  1. High-End Accommodations: Luxury travelers typically stay in upscale hotels, resorts, or private villas that offer spacious and well-appointed rooms or suites with luxurious amenities.
  2. Fine Dining: Gourmet dining experiences with world-class chefs and a diverse selection of high-quality cuisine are often a part of luxury travel. Many luxury travelers seek out Michelin-starred restaurants and exclusive dining events.
  3. Personalized Services: Tailored and personalized services are a key aspect of luxury travel. This includes personalized itineraries, private guides, and dedicated concierge services to cater to individual preferences.
  4. Exclusive Transportation: Luxury travelers often opt for private jets, chauffeur-driven cars, or first-class travel to ensure a comfortable and seamless journey. Some may also choose exclusive experiences such as private yacht charters.
  5. Exclusive Experiences: Luxury travel is not just about the destination but also about unique and exclusive experiences. This could include private tours, access to cultural events, spa treatments, and other exclusive activities.
  6. Privacy and Seclusion: Many luxury travelers value privacy and seek out secluded destinations or accommodations that offer a high level of exclusivity and seclusion.
  7. High-Quality Amenities: Luxury accommodations and services often include high-quality amenities such as spa facilities, wellness programs, and state-of-the-art technology.
  8. Cultural and Adventure Experiences: While luxury travel is associated with comfort, it can also include cultural immersion and adventurous activities. Exclusive access to cultural events, private safaris, or bespoke adventure experiences may be part of the itinerary.

The definition of luxury travel can vary among individuals.  Your definition of luxury will change as you experience more.  Luxury often comes with higher price tags but can still be affordable with advanced planning and creativity.

Now is the time to help you experience the level of luxury that is right for you.

Let’s start planning your next getaway!
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