Protect Yourself, Protect Your Vacation

We all love to travel even though we know that there will be minor unexpected events along the way. Some of these unexpected things turn out to enhance our trips. One of my favorite unexpected events was to run into Glen Foster at a bar during one of my European vacations. Glen was one of the performers. For some reason non of the other guests seem to notice him so I got to spend a couple of hours drinking, shoring stories and playing games. Even though it has been years, we are still Facebook friends and I will make my schedule match his tour schedule someday soon.

Glen Foster

The Magic of Glen Foster

The Magic of Glen Foster – A must see show!

Some of the unexpected things are not as pleasing. I recently had a client become ill on a cruise and ended up with a bill of over $3000 for visiting the medical center. One of my first clients was driving her scooter home from work the day before her trip and was hit by a car and was seriously injured. Her injuries kept her from going on her trip. Luggage gets lost. People loose jobs. Rental cars get wrecked. These are the kinds of events that insurance can help with.

Make sure that you are covered for these unexpected events. You probably already have insurance coverage for some of these things. Your credit card, auto and health coverage and travel insurance are all part of making sure that you are covered. Make sure that you work with your insurance agent and travel advisor and other experts to make sure that you are protected.

I just spoke with one of my agents about rental car coverage. My auto insurance will fix the damage to a rental car, but it does not cover the loss of use. If the rental is out of service for two weeks getting repaired, I could be liable for what the rental company would have made. This was new to me so be sure to speak with your agent to learn what you already are covered for and what else you might need. Here is how to contact the agent that helped me. Florida Farm Bureau agent Richard Wood

I don’t want you to stay home because you are afraid that something could go wrong with your trip. We have health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, hurricane insurance and even per insurance. We don’t have all of this because we expect drive our car into our house causing a flood that results in falling down and breaking a bone. We have it in case something happens and we want to be prepared. I am just suggesting that you make sure that you are protected while you are on vacation as well.

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