A Time to be Thankful

November 2019 |Issue No. 7
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The Holidays are a Time to Be Thankful


The Holiday season is upon us. Yesterday was Thanksgiving were we get to reflect on on what is good in our lives and hopefully spend some time with family and friends. I was fortunate to spend Thanksgiving morning running the Community First Thanksgiving Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon. Over sleeping, forgetting to dry my running shorts and running into traffic made for an interesting start, but I found my friends and successfully completed 13.1 miles. The afternoon was spent watching The Bears beat the Lions, cooking a special dinner for the boys catching up with some friends and watching Christmas movies.

Thanksgiving 2019

The boys and the running group

I hope that you look to holidays past and smile. Hang on to the memories of family and friends. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason and no one will be with us forever. Take every opportunity to get together. Don’t wait for someday to happen, make it happen. This is a great time to start the process of getting everyone together. Reach out with your holiday letter, a social media post or a phone call. It does not matter how long it as been, I guarantee that it will be like “old times”. The good times are amplified and the bad is made good.

Send me a message and I’ll help you start planning the family and friends get together that will be the highlight of the much loved Christmas letter next year.

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