The positive side of a pandemic

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What a crazy start to 2020!  I’m not sure that any of us have been through anything like this.  Restaurants closed, parks blocked off, people wearing masks, requests to stay home; the world has changed in the last couple of months.

People are getting frustrated about staying home.  My Facebook friends have proven that they would not actually be able to live a year in the cabin without internet service.  There is a major focus on the bad and there is plenty of bad to go around, but I want to focus on some of the positives.  I have seen some good and there are things that I hope stay around for a long time.

The dogs of the world could not be happier.  They are getting to spend a lot more time with their families.  Pleakley and Delbert almost never leave my side.  They are missing their trips to the park, but they are spending more time playing in the yard.

The boys on the couch

The gyms are closed but people are getting out and exercising.  My little running group has had to change our routes because there are so many people enjoying the outdoors.  We are exploring new areas of town, spending time together – at least 6 feet apart of course- and getting some exercise.  Hopefully, we all will get to train again for some fun fall races. It is amazing how many of the people we jog past wave, smile or give a friendly greeting. It is easier to find time to exercise now that the roads are nearly empty, commutes are shorter or nonexistent and many of us only leave the house if we want to.

Running on empty streets

Running on empty streets

Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are awesome.  I have been connecting with friends all over the country. I would never have connected if my routine had not changed.  The virtual game nights, trivia matches, happy hours and friendly chats have been entertaining and have allowed me to stay in touch and to meet new people.  We don’t have to feel alone even if we live alone. Remember we are asked to be socially distant not socially isolated.

Zoom Bingo

Zoom Bingo

Things have become much less important.  I have realized how little stuff means when compared to family, friends and experiences. I don’t miss my Amazon deliveries, but I do miss my ship inspections, property visits and vacations big and small.  Working with my clients, planning their next trips, has become even more special for me.  We are currently planning trips for later this year and even well into 2022. My clients are going to be on cruises all over the world, riding the train through the Rocky Mountains, enjoying city tours and visiting family and friends.  I know that they are going to be looking back on our current situation and be even more appreciative.  This has made me even more excited to be cruising with my extended family and friends this winter.  There is still time to join us as we sail the Caribbean!

Take some time to see the positives in your situation.  Despite the current climate, we have a lot to be thankful for.  Thank those people who are still being asked to go to their jobs so that our lives can remain as normal as possible.


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