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We all have places we love to visit. Some of these places are down the road while others may be on the other side of the world. Big or small we love these places for different reasons. This week I thought that I would share one of the places that I have loved visiting.

I have been fortunate to visit Gibraltar multiple times. It is a wonderful place full of beauty and history. While there are great places all over, I want to focus on the Rock.  The Rock is near the Southwestern Tip of Europe and is basically a mountain of limestone. If you are a fan of military history then this is a must visit spot. You can fly in and spend as long as you desire, or you can spend a day on a cruise. My visits have been cruise stops but a longer stay is on my bucket list.


The Rock

The Rock has a history as a fortress going back to the 1400s but my favorite part was the WWII history. Take the cable car trip to the top and enjoy views of the African coastline as well as where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Once at the top take a tour of the military siege tunnels. These tunnels for what is practically an underground city. About 34 miles were carved out of solid rock. It is awe-inspiring to think people were able to dig through the rock and that they lived in these narrow passageways. It was possible to provide housing and 16 months of food for a garrison of 16,000 people. To go along with the people and food there was space for a hospital, bakery, power generation, telephone exchange, a water distillation plant, vehicle maintenance and an ammunition depot.

Looking out of the Rock

If you like history, nature, animals, or quaint English towns then you should put Gibraltar on your list of places to visit.

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