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Welcome to the first June edition of the ChartRoom. I hope the summer is starting out well for everyone. It is great to see people getting away and spending time out and about with family and friends. In February, I started a part time Job as a ramp agent at the airport for a little extra money and for the flight benefits. It is amazing how different the airport looks today than it did just a few months ago. Most of the shops have opened back up, the hours are longer and the number of people traveling has exploded. The average person would not notice much of a difference between today and pre-pandemic except that everyone is required to wear masks in the airport and on the planes.

Cruises to the Caribbean have finally returned. The Celebrity Millennium kicked off its season last week from St. Maarten. Starting next week Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas will set sail from Nassau in the Bahamas. The Celebrity Edge is set to be the first large vessel to set sail from the US since March 2020. The CDC has given approval for the Edge to depart Fort Lauderdale on June 26th with fully vaccinated passengers and crew. It remains to be seen how the Florida law that prohibits the asking of vaccination status will affect this and all other sailings scheduled from the Florida ports.
There is finally light at the end of the tunnel and this time it is probably not just the oncoming train. There are still hurdles to overcome some potentially unpleasant possibilities especially for Alaska and Florida sailings but there is finally movement in the right direction. We can all hope that everything is done well so that people can start enjoying cruise vacations again without risking any serious setbacks.

Canada Part 2- The City Life

In our last issue we covered some of the natural wonders of Canada. This week will touch on some of the metropolitan areas of our neighbors to the north.
Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is the capital of the country as well. With a population of about 3 million people, it receives the largest number of visitors of any other city in Canada. The city boasts an impressive skyline highlighted by the iconic CN Tower. Sports and culture abound. Toronto is the home of major sports teams including Toronto Raptors, Blue Jays and the Maple Leafs. Time your visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario on the first Thursday of the month to experience special after-hour programs.

CN Tower

Do you have a love of shoes? If you do then you won’t want to miss the quirky Baa Shoe Museum Learn history through stories of what people were wearing on their feet. While this fun activity is currently closed, it will hopefully be back soon.
If you like architecture, then you will love the draw dropping cathedrals. Some of these stunning buildings date back to the early 1800’s. Be sure to visit the Gothic Revival style Basilica dedicated to St Michael in the city’s garden district, one of Toronto’s oldest churches.

St Michaels

If the feel of an old-world European city is your style, then Quebec City is the place for you. Feel as though you have traveled back in time. Quebec is the largest French speaking city outside of Paris and you will find that most people in the tourist areas are fluent in English as well. Picture yourself walking along the cobblestone streets or riding in a horse drawn carriage while exploring the fortified city core known as Vieux-Québec. Even if you are not lucky enough to stay in the beautiful Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac you want to visit the castle-like property.

Le Chateau Frontenac

Have you heard of Montmorency Falls? Most people have not. Just 15 minutes from downtown you can find these magnificent falls which are about 90 feet taller than the world-famous Niagara Falls. Take the cable car for a spectacular of the falls and a wonderful panoramic view of the city. Get your exercise by climbing the scenic stairway overlooking the falls.

Montmorency Falls

Toronto and Quebec are just two of the wonderful cities in Canada. You could literally spend a lifetime exploring all that the country has to offer.
The pandemic still has the boards to Canada closed to most visitors. The country has not been fortunate enough to vaccinate as much as the population as in the US, but progress is being made. Visitors will be returning to the city and now is a great time to start planning your trip. Whether you want to stay in an iconic hotel or ride the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer, I can help you get your journey started.

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